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Save Our Planet!


Donate or give away your clothes

Why throw something away which can be of use to someone else? There is a time when you are not using your clothes, pass it on to an organization who can provide those clothes to someone who can enjoy it. Bringing a smile on someone's face is a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Give your used clothes a new beginning.

You can do this by giving it to any organization that makes appropriate use of it.

Don’t wash clothes unnecessarily

Don’t wash clothes that are not dirty. Try airing instead - it’s good for Mother Earth and your clothes.

Lower the washing temperature

You can select a lower washing temperature to save energy. Most detergents wash just as well at lower temperatures. Washing at 40°C uses around half as much energy as washing at 60°C. (We do recommend that you wash extremely dirty clothes and underwear at the highest allowed temperature).

Fill your washing machine

Sort the clothes by it's color and washing temperature. Fill up your washing machine, but don’t stuff in too much. A washing machine is full when you can easily place a clenched fist on top of the washing. Use an energy saving program -- most of the recent washing machines have one.

Choose an eco-friendly detergent

Use an environmentally friendly detergent. Your best choice is the one made especially for low temperature. Make sure you use it as stated on the packaging. Excess use of detergent will not make your clothes cleaner. The excess foam may infact cause the reverse. To get it right, you need to figure whether you have soft or hard water. Avoid using fabric conditioners, unless you are washing acrylic garments as this counters static electricity in the garment after washing.


Avoid dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process in which the clothes are cleaned using an organic solvent. It has a negative impact on the environment when the solvent is released into nature. Avoid dry cleaning clothes, unless it is necessary and it could damage the clothes or change the shape of the clothes by washing at home. Ask your local dry cleaner if he can use a method which does not release chemicals. 

Leave your washing out to dry

An easy way of reducing energy consumption while washing (that also reduces the cost of washing) is to leave your washing out to dry. Tumble drying and drying washing machines use a lot of energy. To reduce drying time, spin the clothes well before taking them out of the washing machine.

Do Your Bit. We Can Make A Difference!

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